Sustainable Living?

My freshman year of college I bought a Keurig. I thought it was perfect. A quick and easy way to get a cup of coffee. But then my trash can filled up with these tiny plastic cups and it made me feel uneasy…wasteful. So, I bought a reusable insert that I could use instead of the plastic cups. I would just buy regular coffee and put it in the reusable filter. Well, that didn’t last long. Coffee grounds kept getting in my coffee. As much as they had tried to create a quality product, it still wasn’t as efficient as the plastic k-cups. And it was difficult to clean out and reuse for the next time. Confession – I have a slight addiction/love for coffee. So, I was using a few k-cups a day. And this reusable thing? It was just making the process long and drawn out and frustrating. I was trying to live with less impact, but it didn’t work out as planned. I sold the keurig at our yard sale that summer. Now I’m back to using coffee and unbleached paper coffee filters. It was worth a try.

When I hear the words “Sustainable Living”, I think of work. A lot of work. Work on top of the work I already have to complete. As any human who is trying to make a living in this world, we have lots of responsibilities and things to do. So, the thought of living sustainably seems exhausting most of the time. Among all of the responsibilities we have – one that I often ignore is the responsibility I have to take care of my community and the earth. So, on top of all of my priorities I am supposed to somehow live sustainably? While this sometimes seems unrealistic, I am continually intrigued and inspired by people, countries, and communities who have managed to create technology that supports sustainable living or by those few individuals who are simply living with less of an impact.

In this blog I will be sharing the answers I find to some of these questions:

What does living sustainably look like?

Is it realistic? or How can I realistically integrate this type of lifestyle into my daily practices?

What is the future of sustainable living?

I will be highlighting communities who have created a place where sustainable living is made easy, people who have created products that support this type of lifestyle, as well as articles, videos, and more that share the strengths and struggles of this way of life.

Join me on my quest of learning how to live with intentionality. Or as George Washington Carver said, “Learning to do common things uncommonly well”.







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