Minimalism & the Tiny House Movement


I start this post with an infographic! The tiny house movement is understandably sustainable when looking at the statistics side-by-side. However, the tiny house movement ultimately starts with something else — minimalism.

Minimalism is simply living with less or with only the essentials. Speaking for myself, I think I could start with having a minimalist wardrobe. I resort back to the favorites in my closet most days. There are a select few pair of jeans and tops that I wear because they fit well. I tend to hold on to the other garments just in case. The just in case mindset is detrimental to living well and intentionally. I haven’t worn some jeans and tops in years, but they still remain in my closet. If we were all honest with ourselves, I think we could all agree that our wardrobe is bigger than necessary.

Minimalism, is obviously bigger than just clothing, it encompasses all material possessions that make up a life. I always wonder if minimalists have hobbies… I mean, where would they put all their stuff?! I think about things I enjoy doing and you need stuff for them like – tennis, golf, playing board games, watching movies, reading, and essentially, creating anything needs an abundance of materials. And then there’s the fact that I will be a teacher & my hopes of being a minimalist go out the window! SO much is needed for a classroom – stuff galore!

Minimalism is more of a mindset — best explained by Jackie French Koller

“There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.”

There is a freedom that comes with desiring little, with needing no more than you have. I think minimalism is simply a journey to contentment and freedom.

A great article by Joshua Becker titled “7 Ways to Sample Living With Less” provides a great resource into thinking about what you really need. Decorations was one category that totally made sense to me. Investing in pieces that are meaningful and simple is one  step in conquering the mindset of a minimalist.

I said in my first article or two that I moved around quite a few times as I was growing up. Moving around was actually a great experience for us because it required that we account for all of our possessions. This reality led to many yard sales for us and many hours decluttering our home to make the move easier. Freedom was found when we were able to pack fewer boxes and spend less time unpacking our belongings. Instead, we were able to actually experience and explore our new town without our things holding us down. While, we never moved into a tiny house, you can see how a tiny house would force an individual to live with less belongings. When you live with less you experience freedom financially – therefore, several tiny house homeowners are debt free.

If you want to check out people who are living the tiny house life – visit the YouTube channel – Living Big in a Tiny House


Happy Friday!



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