The Future of Cites

Oscar Boysen, a filmmaker based in New York City, created this documentary about sustainable urbanization to present at the Nantucket Project in 2016. “When cinema was born only 14% of the population lived in cities, right now we are at 54 %”. The expected outcome for 2050 is 70%. This documentary sparks the discussion of how […]

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23-Year-Old Permaculture Food Forest

  Happen Films, based out of Australia, creates captivating documentaries (short & long) about sustainability, tiny houses, natural building, and more. “My hope is that the films I make inspire, inform, and help us all navigate the transition from our current destructive industrial society to a new way of being.” WHAT A MISSION! Deep thoughts such as […]

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Berea, Ky Ecovillage

I grew up in Berea. From the beginnings of preschool until the start of second grade – Berea, Ky was proudly my home. I have fond memories of living there. The culture was simply wonderful – from the vibrant arts and crafts scene to the fact that my next door neighbors were a refugee family, The […]

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